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We use these in our firm and with our clients

Drake Software is an affordable, comprehensive and all-in-one professional tax software. One thing we love about Drake is their Client Write Up , it has everything from payroll, bookkeeping, accounts payable and accounts receivable. We have used Drake for more than 8 years, it is very affordable and GREAT customer service.

Finagraph provides you with the financial knowledge that is inside your accounting system. You have the ability to analyze inventory, cash , receivables and sales trends. You can customize goals and red flags according to benchmarks you set. Spot risk indicators and compare industry averages and competitors. You can examine performance with monthly, quarterly, or yearly reviews.

If you are not using exit pops and lead capturing technology on your website then you are behind your competition.  OptinMonster allows you to create custom messages that pop up when your website visitors try to leave the website and makes them an offer in hopes of getting their email address so you can send them newsletters and advertising.

If you are not using QuickBooks Online yet, you soon will be.  It is the only software that integrates with Tax Planner Pro and it is the future of financial management.  We were skeptical at first as we love QuickBooks Desktop, but we have come around now that we see how fast the work can be done in QBO.

Sure payroll is an online payroll software which calculates, files and pays federal , state and local payroll taxes. You can easily run your mobile device and you can always ensure you stay compliant with payroll taxes and regulations.  One really cool thing is you can see previews of all payrolls.  Not all payroll companies can do that...

Toggl is another great time tracking software You will never loose track of your billable time. If you forget to switch it on, you can always enter time later on. You can organize your time by projects or tags and mark it as billable.  If you have 5 or fewer employees that need time tracked, this is a good one as it is free for under 5 users...

TSheets is an employee time tracking software. Employees can clock in with a computer , laptop, tablet. If employees are constantly on the move, their time can still be tracked with iPhone and Android apps, the crew app, along with text and dial -in options. You can clock in and get to work with just the click of a button.  If you have more than 5 employees, this is the only choice.

Turbo Tax is one of the most popular income tax preparation software's and for good reason, it is designed to guide their users through their tax returns step by step. It searches for tax deductions and then double check you tax return.  While we are not huge fans of doing business returns at home, if you have a simple 1040 then this software rocks.  If you have a business though, hire an accountant.  We know a good one if you don’t!

Webflow is a website builder for designing professional sites from scratch or you can start with one of their website templates. It's super easy and your website will appear as a if a professional web designer works for you!  It takes a little getting used to but you can change your website to anything you want once you get the hang of it.

Zen Payroll is great and easy way to pay your employee's and contractors. It's best suited for businesses with fewer then 30 employee. They are a full-service payroll that takes care of the payroll tax payments and filings on your behalf. Every time you run payroll , total wages and taxes are synced with QuickBooks Online.

We use several Zoho apps at Tax Planner Pro and at Ragain Financial.  Mostly the CRM, email, Survey, and Campaign apps.  If you don’t know them they are huge assets for marketing, customer management, and online computing.  Very affordable and decent customer service makes them worth a look.

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