QuickBooks Desktop Integration Setup

QuickBooks Desktop Sync Tutorial
Sync Multiple QuickBooks Desktop Files

Connect with QuickBooks Desktop in a few Simple Steps

Important Notes

1|  Intuit uses the QWC (QuickBooks Web Connector) file for Windows operating systems.

2|  When connecting to QuickBooks, please make sure you are logged in as the "master admin"

3|  If you are connecting in a hosted environment, make sure the QWC file you save is in a folder on that same server.  Both the QWC file and QuickBooks must be on the same server.

Before You Begin, Make Sure You Open The QuickBooks File You Want To Connect

and keep it open during the connection

Step 1: Select QuickBooks Desktop Integration

Step 2: Download the QuickBooks Web Connector File

Watch the video, then download the setup file.

Step 3: Open the QWC File

Double-click on the QWC file to open it and click "OK" to proceed

Step 4: Grant Access to Tax Planner Pro

Step 5: Setup QuickBooks Web Connector

Enter your Tax Planner Pro password in the password field.

Step 6: Update Selected Connection

With your Tax Planner Pro password entered, click "Update Selected" at the top of the window.  Once the progress windows reach 100%, the sync is complete and you can close the Web Connector.

Step 7: Complete Data Sync to Tax Planner Pro

Once the progress bars both ready 100%, you can click the hide button and return to Tax Planner Pro.  Finish the wizard and your data is now synced and will continue to sync based on the "Sync Schedule".

If you have any problems, please reach out to support using the chat box in lower right of software.