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QuickBooks Online + Tax Planner Pro

Use QuickBooks Online Data For Tax Projections & Planning

Tax Planner Pro can sync with your QuickBooks Online software and create gorgeous tax projections.  As your QuickBooks data changes, so will your tax projections and planning strategies.  No double entry, no extra work. Just simple.

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Import Financials

Updating your tax projections is easy.  Tax Planner Pro automatically checks for new information in QuickBooks each week.  No data entry and always current.

Accurate Tax Projections

Beautiful accounting and beautiful tax projections.  With QuickBooks and Tax Planner Pro you will always know what your tax returns will show, and what strategies to implement to reduce your tax due.

Strategies That Rock

What good is knowing what your taxes will be without tips on how to save?  Tax Planner Pro is packed with money saving ideas, all customized to your specific business and personal tax needs.

I was really tired of manually updating client tax projections every month.  This new QuickBooks integration really makes things easy.