Xero Integration FAQ's

What will Tax Planner Pro pull from my Xero data?

Tax Planner Pro only reads data from Xero.  It does not write data to your file in any way.  TPP will read your income statement and balance sheet, and copy some of the figures to the planner module.  It then updates that data each week or month depending on what sync frequency you set.  TPP will never change the data in your Xero file.

Do I need to have Xero open when I connect to Tax Planner Pro?

No.  Tax Planner Pro will ask you to enter your login credentials for your Xero account so it can sync your bookkeeping information.  You do not need to have Xero open.

How often will Tax Planner Pro connect to my Xero data?

You have 3 choices for how often TPP will pull your data: Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly.  You can set this in the "Sync Settings" page of Tax Planner Pro.

How do I cancel my account with Tax Planner Pro?

Our Lite package is completely free forever, but if you want to cancel your paid account, you may contact support and they will cancel your account right away.

Will Tax Planner Pro prepare my tax returns?

No.  Tax Planner Pro does not prepare tax returns.... Yet.....

Where can I go for more help connecting my Xero account?

If you are having any trouble at all, please click the support icon in the bottom right corner of the software.  Our support staff can walk you through everything and make sure that your sync is up and running very quickly.

How to connect Xero & Tax Planner Pro

Login to Tax Planner Pro and go to "Sync Settings". Follow the step-by-step process to connect to Xero.