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When CPA Firms Start Building Software

Why We Built Tax Planning Software

Its easy to say “I have a good idea”, it is much harder to decide to turn that idea into a reality.  But that is what small business owners around the country do everyday.  We have been their accountants for several years.

One of the problems each small and medium sized business we served had was a constant feedback loop about their taxes.  Think about it, everyday your tax bill changes because your business changes all the time.  

Business owners needed a solution that could show them what their taxes were going to be, and what to do about it.

As we started searching for the right fit, it became clear that no solution like this was on the market.  There were lots of “ideas” for it and sources of cobbled together information about taxes and planning, but nothing that was easy to use, was online, worked with QuickBooks, etc.

Even worse, we started to see that other CPA firms were not doing as much tax planning as we were.  It was not because they did not want to, but rather that no software was out there to make it efficient and easy.  So not only were the clients stuck, but so were the accountants.

At our firm Ragain Financial, we have been doing tax projections for EVERY CLIENT – EVERY YEAR for more than 15 years.  We are not boasting here, but we probably have done more tax projections than any other firm out there.  Literally thousands of them.  Who better to make a software app that does tax projections?

We hope you find the software helpful and a tool that makes your life easier and business more successful.  Unlike most accounting software developers, we are a full service CPA firm too, so if you have any questions at all please ask us.  We would love to help and hear your feedback about our product.

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